First Post – Intro

Recognizing that it’s now mid-December, and I’m only just revitalizing this dormant blog, the only appropriate first post would seem to be an “In Review…”. But, that will come later. Firstly…


Hi. I’m Joel. I’m pushing 30, am a Canadian transplant living in Oregon, and I read a lot of fantasy books. I also, coincidentally, enjoy discussing said books on the internet. I’m a frequent on Reddit’s /r/Fantasy Community, and was voted one of the ‘best’ posters on the site on one of their polls – for whatever that’s worth in internet e-points. In addition, I founded and operate the ~1500 member /r/Fantasy Goodreads Discussion Group, along with Lisa from Fantasy-Faction. Otherwise, I just e-stalk authors, make fun of Brent Weeks to his face, and read as many books as I can fit into my schedule.
With that said, what is to be expected on this crappy blog?

  • 1) Books
  • 2) Discussions of books
  • 3) Reviews of books
  • 4) Bad Jokes
  • 5) Lists

Depending on how much I decide to care about this, I might have links to other sites, book sales or contests, etc. Who knows.

I’ll get back at it sooner than later with actual content.


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